Restorations performed with know how and respect

Whilst the stone in any memorial can be expected to remain structurally sound for generations, the finish of the lettering may not prove to be quite so durable. Draper Memorials are experts in returning weathered inscriptions to “as new” condition.

Whether they be gold, paint or lead filled, we can regild, restore or replace letters as needed to make a lack lustre inscription vibrant once more.

After years of exposure to the elements, monuments often become host to lichens and mosses of various types, while marble memorials in particular tend to stain and discolour. Draper Lettering have a variety of methods of dealing with these unsightly conditions and can recommend and carry out the best way of overcoming them.

When coupled with rejuvenation of the lettering, a tired, dirty looking headstone can be restored as near as possible to it’s original state at an affordable price. Examples of the remarkable results which can be achieved through engaging us to restore a monument can be seen in the “before and after” pictures on this page.

We are always happy to inspect your family memorial to advise on the most effective and economic method of restoration.

Those that touch our lives …
stay in our hearts forever